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NIT Infotech, is technology-driven IT infrastructure solution and service company. With more than decades of experience, NIT Infotech is dedicated to delivering excellence to our customers by staying ahead of market and understanding new technologies that could impact their business. NIT Infotech provides technology expertise, services and support to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and strengthen performance. 

NIT Infotech helps organizations to gain the full benefits of existing technology, make strategic investments in implementing new technology, and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and flexible. Our offering includes Managed Services, Cloud Computing, IT Strategy, Virtualization, Information Security and Compliance, Business Continuity, Network Security, IP Telephony and many more. We at NIT Infotech, strive to achieve long-term success, with our customer first approach.


Commitment to our clients:

  • Focus on cutting-edge innovations and business optimization
  • Practice high ethical standards
  • Maintain and secure IT environment
  • Ensure robust and standardized processes that deliver reliability of service, uptime, and business continuity
  • Employ state of the art technologies that provide effective and powerful security solutions
  • Simplify compliance with customized controls developed by leading healthcare and IT experts
  • Meet the unique and evolving needs of each client