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Cloud IP Telephony Managed Service

We deliver world-class IP Telephony services on demand and customized as per the business requirement. NIT Infotech provides highly secure, reliable and robust IP telephony service which will enhance and strengthen your business. Easy to add new DID and TF is a matter of placing the purchase order to activate instantly.

Our voice traffic is seamlessly connected to the rest of the world to provide you with a better experience. We are providing robust connectivity as we have a point to point direct connectivity in failover mode to the telephone network.



Communication Solution

  • Seamless Communication
  • Industry standard client device support (including CISCO, Polycom, Grand Steam, Yealink and softphone’s etc.)
  • Features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Extension Dialing, Queue Calling, Voice Mailbox, Call Recording, Live Call Monitoring and Internet Faxing
  • DID and TFN availability for inbound calling with low cost to enhance the business



Contact Center Solution

  • Customized IVR and Voicemail
  • Outbound and Blended Call Handling
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Routing
  • Web-based Agent and Administrative Interfaces
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • Integrated Services and Call Recording
  • Feedback Survey
Caller ID

NIT Infotech PBX capable to display the caller ID on the customer phone. This feature is useful while making an outbound call to advertise or let customers know that caller is from the particular Department or Company.


Call transfer allows the user agent to transfer the call to the desired ext. The call can be transferred to the various destinations according to the requirement.


Call forwarding feature is one of the great features which allow us to route the call to the required destination. Once the call forwarding activated, each call is redirected to the defined destination it could be another extension, phone number, and IVR etc.

An example of this feature would be if a particular user had to leave the office for a given amount of time and wanted to receive their phone calls at another location.


Call recording is the most important part of the VoIP system, it is very useful for training purposes. Call recording can be done on demand, forcefully or never if not required.


NIT Infotech PBX provides you the ability to check graphical view all calls from Manager/ supervisor interface moreover, you can view real-time report all calls coming to the queue by integrating the call reporting application on demand. Further, you can filter the calls by date, extension, user, duration, answered and call summary, etc. There are a number of ways to filter the call as per the business requirement.


Voicemail is one of the common features of a PBX phone system. Voicemail box where the caller can leave a voice message which can be retrieved by the recipient later any time. Voicemail has two conditions to play a message to the customer and it can be modified at any time as per the requirement.

  • ‘Unavailable calls’ – When the calls are unanswered
  • ‘Busy calls’ – when a user sets their phone to Do Not Disturb mode (click for more info) or user busy on the other call.
Voicemail to Email

NIT Infotech PBX’s is capable of supporting thousands of separate voicemail boxes and is capable to send a message to the designated email ID. Also, mail either can be deleted from the voice mailbox after delivery to mail ID or can be saved in voice mail box after delivery.

Follow Me

This feature is controlled in the NIT Infotech PBX User Panel.
Once this feature enabled, this feature will redirect the calls to alternate destinations (in case of external, it could be mobile or landline) call continue the ring number of seconds defined. Initially, it will ring the primary ext. for a number of second defined in the system. Then the call will move to the defined destination, it will back to the original destination on rejection from alternate destination and eventually will land to the voice mail if defined.


An IVR (Interactive Voice Response/ Auto-attendant) feature is one of the most essential features for a business IP PBX. An IVR gives the option to play the message for all incoming callers. It gives the various options to the callers to route their call to the desired destination. An option can be modified as per business requirement for the convenience of the callers. IVR’s are playing a very important role in any business environment, and also minimize the amount of time spent with the caller on the phone. Eventually, it helps user / employ to increase the productivity, as the entire system is running fully automated IVR.

Do Not Disturb

This feature is very useful, while the user is occupied on some important task of the project and unable to answer the call. A user can put the phone on DND(do not disturb) feature, it will reject the call automatically and will route the call to the voice mailbox and will play the busy voice mail message to the callers.

Call queue

Call queue is the place where the call comes in as per call route and hold to answer the call by the Agent. This feature is very useful when handling multiple calls coming in at the same time and first available Agent can answer the call placed on the queue.

The announcement can be played while the caller in the queue and waiting to answer the call. Here product/ item related business update can be placed to play, while a caller is waiting in a queue. The queue can by logging either static or dynamically by the users/ agent.

Queued have a number of options associated with them, few of them as below:-

  • Recording of calls
  • Ring strategy
  • Announcements
  • Breakout option
  • Call wrap time
  • Music on hold
Office Hours

The Time condition played a major role in office hours. Here office time can be defined and for incoming calls, the call can be routed to the other specified destination after business hours, during weekends, holidays, etc.

Ring Groups

This feature allows us to put multiple ext. together in one group, once the call reached to the group, call ring to all available ext. and answered by the Agent. Hundreds of group can be run simultaneously. Also can be set ring strategy as per business requirement and on the basis of the skill set of Agent.

Conference Rooms

NIT Infotech PBX creates a virtual conference room for the crucial business meeting, where attendees (both internally and externally) join the conference from outside of an office or remote location or can join from anywhere and discuss the agenda. Conference rooms can be driven by an admin user, it can be password protected to prevent unauthorized user access. The conference room can be accessed by internal users by dialing conference room number and pass code assign to the room. For external users need to dial the phone number assigned to the conference room and then pass code.


PBX provides to listening and barging facility for all calls. This helps the executive to listen to the live call without knowing the caller or Callie.

Multiple Offices

The beauty of multiple PBX’s is the way they can be configured to work together without any issue. PBX feature work between offices i.e. conferences can be held between offices, calls can be transferred from one office to another, employees can call each other free of charge and many more.

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